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Fall in love with Beaded Jewelry



Bestseller Alert!!! JewelsByJarm bracelets are cute, colorful, and there is a bracelet to go with each outfit you own! Mix and match, stack them, or pair with a JewelsByJarm beaded ring. 


The JewelsByJarm beaded ring is the design that started it all! Comfortable and unique, these rings can elevate your style. Mix and match with your favorite JewelsByJarm bracelet, or wear your ring as a pop of color with some silver or gold!


Custom Jewels

The newest of the JewelsByJarm designs are the necklaces! Between the custom designed chokers and the beaded neutrals, you are sure to find the one that makes you shine!

Oooodles of Doodles

Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 10.23.21 AM.png

The OG

All of my favorite Seattle things packed into one little drawing. Send someone a keepsake, use as a coloring page, or frame for your home!

Mushroom Dude

Hi, Hello, I love you. Send someone you love a little reminder today!



I see them as representations of my higher self. Each representation reminds me of my connection to the earth, to the sea, and the world surrounding me. 


Jarm and Her Jewels


Jesse Armstrong is an artist and an art teacher currently making the move from Redondo Beach, CA to Seattle, WA. From palm trees to evergreens, her love of nature can be seen in all of the art she makes. From jewelry to greeting cards to paintings and more, a love of adventure and exploring this beautiful earth we inhabit can be felt in her art. She is hoping to bring a bit of beauty, earth, and joy to each of you.

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